Mom, scotch, please.

Various conversations come into the ear when it is in the bar.
The other day, a couple sitting next to me was talking about this.

"Do you know what the opposite of 'The Grandmother Without You' is?」

"Well, what?」

Always there, old man.

I thought, "Young man, isn't it really good?" while wr
apping the hair of the collar leg to the finger.

"It is all an illusion" (all of which are shabby)

This is a line of magicians from David Lynch's film Mulholland Drive.

For example, suppose you are a clerk at a tavern in your second year of part-time job.
As usual, a regular customer who showed up by hims sat at the counter and said, "Gi
me one raw" in the usual condition.

You s

ay, "Raw, it's one, thank you.Namahailrimas!Ta

ke the cold mug out of the fridge and you'll knock down the server lever.

This is maeda's cracker.
It is usual.

However, There is something I want to think about here.

Did the beard really
say, "Give me one raw" in the long hair?

Is it true?

In the old days, I

tried to squeeze my courage in a scene where I s

aid, "Please give me one raw

thing," and i said, "、、、mom, please give me a scotch!!

I've said.

What was offered in front of me is

It was a glass of draft beer.

The voice that sounded "Raw, please give me one"


Mom, scotch, please.

It might be.

I want to live without forgetting such feelings.

I want to live looking for something that preconceived notions will obscure.


In the old days, I sincerely apologize to the clerk of the tavern who was involved in my troublesome experiment without knowing anything.
I did something very rude, even though I was young.