February 22, 2020 Shibuya Turkey "Three People's Red and White Song Battle"

Three organizers (Yusuke Nakao, Ryunosuke, And Yuta Okubo)
With the spread of the new coronavirus,
We had a lot of discussions about whether we should really hold it.
In the end, we decided to hold it.

Because it is sold out on the day, congestion is expected.
In light of your physical condition and the impact on the world in the future,
Although i was reluctant, I decided to make the following rules.

1Visitors are requested to wear a mask.

Please bring the mask in principle.We will prepare a small number of masks for those who cannot possess it by all means, but we cannot prepare everyone, so please cooperate as much as possible.

2At the time of entry and exit, please disinfect your fingers with a sheet or spray containing alcohol.In addition, please wash your hands frequently during the performance.

(3) We are very sorry if you are sick, have a chronic illness, live with an elderly family member, have an alcohol allergy, or have any other concerns, but please refrain from participating.

4100% infection prevention is not possible, so you may choose not to participate at your own discretion.

Note: Cancellation fees will not be charged for those who fall under (3) (4).

Kaita Okubo
Yusuke Nakao