【NEWS】One-man live decisionRyunosuke Latest Information (2019/09/10 update)

Ryunosuke's one-man live has been decided

"Ryunosuke One-Man Live 2019 Aut
umn" ●November 9th (Sat) Shin
juku SACT!19:00 Open 19:30
Pre-sale 3200 yen on the day 3800 yen (+1dri

Everyone, please come to listen!!
Let's meet at Shinjuku SACT!
Below is the latest live information and how to book your tickets.

"Ryunosuke Live Schedule Latest Edition"

19, 2019
w/Suzuki Yukiko (BUGY CRAXONE) OPE
N 19:00 START 19:30 Advance 2900 ye
n day 3,400 yen (+1D600 yen excluding)

[Koji Yamada × Ryunosuke 'Waltz of
the hat to long hair]201
9 [Sun] @Hakusan pon polo polo F&P Hall 18:
30 opening 19:00 opening pre-sale 3,000 yen on the day 3,500 yen dr
ink separate [question] pon polo polo 076-214-6236

♦September 23, 2019 (Mon.) @Ka
shiwazaki Rakuda
18:30 Opening 19:30 Start Advance 3,000 yen 1500 yen on the day of drink by
drink [question] Rakudaya 0257-22-0794

♦September 27, 2019 (
Fri. @ Shimokita
zawa LOFT 19:00 Open 19:
30 Pre-sale 3,500 yen / 4000 yen on
the day ) [Question] LOFT 03-34

12-6990 [Ryu Nosuke
One Man Live] November
9, 2019 SACT!
19:00 Open 19:30 Pre-sal
e 3200 yen/ Day 3800 yen

*Reservations for each performance will be available on the re
servation form of Ryunosuke's official website or by direct message on each SNS.

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【Heaven Artist Activities】

♦September 14, 2019 (Sat) Location: Ueno Onge Park, Near Mt. Surihachi, 15:00-16:00

♦Sunday, September 15, 2019 Venue: Ueno Onge Park, Near The Frog Fountain 15:00-16:00

*"Heaven Artist" means an artist who has passed a review committee conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Street performances will be performed in places permitted by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
※It may be canceled due to rain.Please confirm it by sns related to Ryunosuke.

Tokyo Heaven Artist Official Site