It's a guitar, isn't it?

【Business Communication】

From September 1 st to today 4th, i was in a situation where I did not receive an email to the
Everyone who contacted us and made a reservation in the meantime, thank you for sending again, although it is very troublesome.
We apologize for this inconvenience.
Excuse me.

I'll send you a guitar for an apology.

It's a guitar, isn't it?

Why is it ♪, ♪ guitar♪



He's a belo-bero, but he can only play the guitar♪ why♪

When I bite the room, pick is a big catch♪ why♪

You're the one who says what you don't need while tuning ♪ why♪

You're the one who counts even if there's only one person♪ why♪

Why do you put one string and two strings wrong♪♪?

Why are there picks in the sound hole♪ why♪

When you open the case, the cat enters♪ why is it ♪ wh

y it's ♪, why it's a guitar♪ and it's a guitar

♪ number two is a little maniac.


Why are you tongue-in-cheek when you get on the

train♪ why ♪ click and ask yourself to disappear♪

why ♪'m the guy who looks like a doya after playin

g it too ♪ why♪ why there was no musical instrument shop

in Simokita♪ Now ♪ 9 volt battery is so expensive♪

why it's so expensive- why ♪-like guy only when introducing member

s – ♪Why♪ why it's ♪- it's a guitar♪ ryun



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