"Room and Dissociation and Me"

Two of them were lying on their backs outside the front door.

The rain stopped completely when looking up at the sky while rubbing the jaw beard, "Haha, indeed, this is a kind of semi-double bed".

Yesterday, the launch of this blog [The Memoirs of Ryunosuke] was also safely finished,

I've been disconnected since this morning.

It is not "Donshari" which emphasizes the treble and the bass, but "Danshari".

Moreover, it is not "Shari" by cutting off the shari, eating the sushi only of the neta single-mindedly.

My favorite device "Sakura" Gibson J-45, who was admitted to the guitar studio, is going to be discharged soon, but when I picked her up in this room, I felt that something should not be the way it is.

We're also planning a small welcome ceremony, and i'll just buy you a cake with a name, but as it is, it's already a mess.

I have to clean up the room.

For starters, I didn't know what to do first, so I searched morita in the "dissociation" and the Innets,

Dissociation was originally the thought of yoga

Cut: Cut off things that don't come in.
Throw away: Throw away things you don't want in your house all the time.
Separation: Away from attachment to things.

It is.

What I need now is the spirit of abandonity.

I decided to start by throwing away the clothes that were overflowing for the first time.

I put my hand on my waist and vigorously walked up the closet and said, "Dan!When i opened it and put my hand in the plastic case, I unfolded from one side and looked for clothes that could be thrown away.

However, what on earth does this mean?

Young and dressy Y-shirts that you will never wear,

A jacket that was torn here and there and dulled.

Yellowed by sweat, the neck is dirty with the stage make-up, and the sleeve rolls up, and the mummy of Egypt drifts "Feeling of grace" which seems not to be amusing even if the mummy of Egypt wears it any longer. You've already returned to the soil, and when you hold a single T-shirt in your chest that makes you want to put your hands together, the attachment and memories that you've forgotten come back to your chest, and you're going to have to put your hands together.

It's been a long time.


"I can't throw it away"


Once, i closed my eyes quietly.

Clothes piled up like Mt. Fuji on the bed are crying at night in the group.

I decided not to see the closet for the time being, and
changed my policy to start cleaning the clogs at the entrance.

Cleaning is from the foot.

It is sure to have said about Don Onishi.I think.

This is exactly "Copernicus-like rotation of the Ryunosuke dissociation field".

When I switched my mind and looked into the shoe box triumphantly, I found a cardboard box on the other side of the white converse, which was dirty like an elementary school student's top.When I opened it, I saw a red object under the tools and someof them.

If you look closely,

It is a "flame cylinder".

What on earth should I do about this?

If you throw it away as garbage as usual, in the collecting car "Dan!!Workers may be in great danger by repeating the explosion, and the blast sparked a blast that could blow up houses in the surrounding area.

This was a problem.

Twist your neck and read the instructions on the side of the tube.

"[6] Please use the one that the expiration date was too much for practice etc. "

It is written.


It's like practice.

Practice of the flame tube??

Well, without bothering people aside, and i think it's good if you can dispose of it, "I'm

safe in a wide place as much as possible",

I immediately started to prepare for the parking lot of the convenience store.

Wait a minute、、、


Readers, i want you to imagine.

In the parking lot of a convenience store at midnight, the old man with long hair and beard was standing in the state of holding the flame tube which was burned brilliantly in the left hand.

This is

What can I say



It is.

Moreover, the flame cylinder continues to burn for at least five minutes or more!

More than five minutes.

Readers, I want you to write it again.

In the parking lot of a convenience store at midnight, a long-haired old man with a beardIn the state of holding the flame tube that was burned in the left hand, with the expression that came to mind while standing in the smoke all over, as had been standing for a long time of more than five minutes,

This is a 100% probability, no 300% chance of being two-ho.

Even if you don't have two-ho,

From young people practicing hip hop dancing in the parking lot of a convenience store late at night,

I'm definitely a dangerous fellow.

I'm as scary as Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining.

After a frightening imagination, first calmly again, this time trying to search morita in the Innets about the "flame tube", there is nothing to do.

It was understood that it disposed it at the car supply store.

It was really good.


It was a white horse of Tooho though it was such a hinkohose man.


And now, i'm listening to enka in the drinking shop while writing this.

So to sum up me today,

"Dan trying to danshari!And open the closet, and after the dandan becomes painful, find the flame tube from the cardboard, Dan!I'm afraid it's going to explode, so I want to listen to the songs of the enka singer, DandaO, at the tavern, without the white horses of Tooho for the young people practicing dancing."

It is.

There was no "cut", "abandonment", and "separation" at all.

, , disconnection , disconnection , tonight .



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