"A new element called "Kz"

I think it was probably more than a decade ago.

After finishing the concert in Sapporo, i had the experience of being two-ho by the police when I repeated the monomane of my favorite Mr. Yoshiizo in the izakaya.

The good thing about the non-us-there were no customers, was that i

was used to living there.To my home.An

d, when i was doing monomane with all my might as required by the co-star, "I heard the voice squabbling between men", there was a report from the adjacent building.
I completely forgot that I was the type of person who suddenly became big when I sang.
Now I'm really sorry and ashamed of the commotion.

"There are some wounds in the

heart", this is Mr. Yoshiji's word.

There are many wounds in our hearts.

The longer the wounders recall the suffering of the past and have lived with the wound, the more the memories of that time will be immobilized as if they were symbols, and they will only have negative feelings about the wounds.
At least I was.

The other day, when I went back to my parents' house, my drunken father, like me, was sitting in the living room in a T-shirt and shorts.
What should I express?That is "Old man intiraimi" in a word.

My father's snare has a five centimeter-long burn.
There is not growing any hair only there and it is smooth.
It is said that it burnt to the low temperature in the hottie when it is young when hearing the story well.
It seems to have slept soundly until the morning while the foot was made to touch the hottie prepared by mother on a certain cold winter night.
I have heard that deep low temperature burns do not heal for a long period of time with strong pain.
It was heard while imagining that it might have been so painful for the infant.

However, father said so at the end of the talk.

"Every time I look after this burn, I remember my mother.

It was a kind mother who gently put the hottie in even if it was cold"

was a word of thanks.

My father died from his mother when he was a high school student.

Perhaps, not only the wound of the body but also the wound of the heart might change even feelings of gratitude at times by one idea and one way of catching.
A lump of dosin and steel fell on this chest.
I was a little drunk.

I think it's like the element that makes up us after the wound.
It is a new element that can be represented by the symbol "kz".
Now that I might have a beautiful chemical

reaction, i was writing this,
and my tummy rang, "Gouve Bobby."
I'm very hungry.
"If you make such a big noise, you'll get a lot of money from Kaminari.I thought, "Th
e belly rang" and "Heso" had nothing to do at all.

The end of summer.
An imperfect shower took the thunder away in a pleasant way.


s memoir, "No After The Wound", is not too "too deep a wound", such as a wound suffered by violence from another person, or a strong mental trauma.However, i think it is extremely difficult to draw a line between "no scratch" and "too deep wound" this time.I'm sorry if you read this article and feel uncomfortable.


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