"Forty Lessons"

I feel like Tokyo has become a little cooler.

How are you doing?

Ryunosuke launched a blog with WORD PRESS.

I'm writing this sentence instead of greeting you.

There were many difficulties with just things i'm not used to, but I repeated the customization while reading the book, and managed to make it into shape.

It was like making a comfortable sofa.

Such as adjusting the chord height of your guitar and adjusting the hardness of the pick and the thickness of the strings,

It is also a feeling as if you are mixing and microphone setting,

I concentrated on it in a short period of time and worked without shaking my eyes.

I am a bad guy when I am stuck.

If the debut is the first chapter, the debut to independence is the second chapter, and independence to today is the third chapter.

I'm about to start chapter four again today.

After forty, I'm still trying to do this.

At the same time, however, this is also a return to origin.

In the past, there was a blog that would be "The Memoirs of Ryunosuke", which had been writing since the debut,

With the spread of social media and the introduction of it into propaganda activities, i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e., i.e.,

However, I like to write and enjoy it, and I think it suits me.

I'm writing this now, and I miss it very much.

From now on, i want to update the speculation and miscellaneous feelings, anecdotes and yota stories in a long and short manner without being caught in the limit of the number of characters.

Write what you like on the server you rented.

To leave what you think is right.

This is the very form of music I have been making.

This blog also serves as a live performance and promotion of the work.

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Campaign to just launch a new blog,

Even if it is this, it is likely to

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A memoir

I often do publicity activities in Ueno Park, but i meet many foreigners in that relationship.

Although the accuracy is low, this blog has been made multilingual by introducing automatic translation functions not only in Japanese but also in English, Chinese, and Korean. In the future, I would like to introduce european languages while looking at the situation.