"A new type of bow"

"Yo, Momiage"

"What the hell, Momiage, I'm a beard."

"No, no matter how you look at it, you're momiage!"Everyone in the Momiage world says so.There's no doubt about it."

"No, no matter what anyone says, I'm not going to do it!"Beard.Do you know Momiage!Bokeh!」

The discussion like

It is barren.

There is no such thing as "Itai".

I think so.


It has nothing to do with it.

It's the other day.

That was a good time.

It was hit by the tragedy of doing "Gickuri waist" just before the performance at Ueno Park.

It is a tragedy of a winter day that it crossed to the head like a running horse lamp at that time.

How many years ago was that?

In the old days, during a tour in Hokkaido in the middle of winter, while traveling between Sapporo Asahikawa, the moment you did the shami while carrying the guitar case, you may be stuck as it is.

Even so, I managed to get to Asahikawa, but I couldn't even wear a costume.

On that day, I was picked up by Mr. Naganozawa, a shop at Early Times, a long-established live house in Asahikawa, and asked him to wear pants and socks, so I managed to get through it.

I have not yet returned the favor of the day.

Someday, I want to put on pants to Mr. Nozawa of Early one day!

I live every day with that thought alone.

Looking at the photo of the day, Although I have a smile on my mouth, both my right eye and left eye have half white eyes (I call this day's performance "half and half playing method").

From the expression of the anguish, the terribleness of the day is transmitted with a jerk.

Because there was such a thing, I think that the mind was a little calmer than the last time because it was the second time about the Gigig incident in Ueno this time.

Based on the lessons learned from the previous time, I would like to talk about how I survived the live performance with the jerking.

Let's divide the story into two.

No, let's divide it into two with Zakri.

[1] Get on the wind of a thousand!

[2] Bowbrilliantly!

First of all, "Ride in a Thousand Winds" of [Page 1]!But,
This is simple, it only leaves the pain to the wind.

It is important to think, "I am riding in the wind of pain now."
There will be a night blowing strongly, and there will be a morning which blows gently, too.

It happens to have a strong wind now, but it is sure to be a gentle wind.

To be one with nature.


Don't lose, don't throw out, don't run away, don't believe.

The most important thing is when it's going to be ruined.

Such an original attitude of my own.

That's how I managed to get through.

And [page 2] "Bowing is brilliant!"It is.

Do you know the ballet "Revelance"?

If you don't know, i'd like you to read this valuable material at the beginning.

It can lead to a gwage rifuding situation with the guitar hanging in a jerky situation.

Maybe I can't wake up again with my head down.

"New bowing style of the Gikkuri world" developed in the crisis and emergency.

This is the bow of "Revelance style".

Blues, jazz, rock and roll, punk.

We humans have created a new style in our predicament.

Finally, I also passed 40, in the predicament of "gickly waist just before the actual thing",

At last, it seems to have created a unique bowing style.

If you want to give this new type of bow a name,

Let's see.

"I'm so good!"Principal"

It is.

That's right, Mr. Ikuzo Yoshi, "I'm so good!"Presley" Inspire system.

The way of lowering the head is each person.

Instead of being unable to bend the waist, fold only the knee and lower the posture vertically.

Isn't that a fine bow?

Rather brilliant, and.

I think so.

Let's make Yota talk this much.

There is something I want to write down here.

That day,

I was able to stand to the end with gratitude for the existence of each and every one of the people who listened to me.(I finished five minutes earlier than usual.))

I thanked you a lot in my heart because I couldn't make a decent bow.

There were no people there.

Thank you very much.

"If you rest, you'll get well" even though it's just a carefree jerky waist,

I'm sorry to worry.

It's pathetic.

But thanks to you, I'm getting better now, and I'm thinking about the next one-man live.

I'll have a live show next time.

Will you come to listen to me?

I sing on the street and hand out a lot of flyers.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.


"Ryunosuke's latest live information is summarized here"