Today's Trainer

The other day, I met a pair of Americans with tattoos at a drinking shop.

One of them is an elderly man wearing sunglasses that looks good on leather jean and harley davidson.

The other was a macho young man with a red bandana, but he was clean and polite.

Let's talk a little bit.

It is said that it is a parent and child of the professional wrestler who loves Japan, and respects Antonio Inoki.

Whether they're really professional wrestlers or not,

When I left the store, I tried to hug him while saying, "Thank you, thank you."

I ended up seeing.

I saw a tattoo on my son Oliver's neck.

It is Japanese.

It was carved so in the Chinese character.




My mind was pretty confused, but I was like, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, heyI can't help but be twitching on the back of my hand,

My head is white, and i'm getting a little cringe,

In the moment of our separation, I had no idea what to do on the spot.

Remains of a dangerous consciousness that is not fixed in focus,They broke up with a smile and a high touch.

I wanted to forget it, and i walked to the station with a thousand feet like nothing had happened.

There is a heavy traffic jam in my head of delusion.

Uh, what?、、

What is it?


Oliver is a twin.

Another, a nice and clean and polite man with a macho red bandana in Pittsburgh.

Are you there?

What words did the carved person recommend to him for that tattoo?

Do you have "twin parents" or something carved on your father's neck?


Why did he carve the word "twin" on his neck?

I couldn't think of anything else anymore.

I put the guitar case on the ground to take out the SUICA, and that was the time.

As if a flash had been knocked down in my head, I flashed.

It's a gemini!!

I'm sure he's the man of gemini.

That's right.


yes, probably so.

Otherwise, it is not possible to explain any longer.

If he were a gemini guy, he loved Japan,

I mean, that, well, as you carved a japanese tattoo of squid in a drunken force,

Contrary to his thoughts, we japanese people are in this gentle world of "moving to the very extent of cuteness".


When I was in elementary school, my friend, Today, came to University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota and a large printed trainer every day.
For example, today-chan said, "OhHe found a field in New York, where he had never been there, and walked on the banks of the Hudson River with his "University of Minnesota trainers" on his face.

This is, for example,

Isn't it almost synonymous with a small American child who came to Japan for the first time walking on the banks of the Edogawa River with a smile wearing a T-shirt printed with "Yamanashi Gakuin University"?

Very cute.

I want to hold you right now.

What a kind world.

This world is definitely full of love.

What a lovely creature human being is!

Yes, I want to walk around the city from tomorrow with a strong t-shirt that is positively message-like.

I want to wear the T-shirt printed with "Song of the goat" in vertical writing because I am a song of the yagiza.

It is "Super respect system in the virgin poetry collection seriously" so.

There's also a T-shirt with keith RICHARDS FOR PRESIDENT with Keith Richards as president, but I dare to wear this T-shirt on the streets of London, not in america.

It passes dasa, and it is already an unknown war what it is.

I still want to do what I want to do in my life.

There are a lot of songs that I want to sing about kindness.


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